IUS in Cooperation with the Best Universities in Turkey

During the Rector's Conference in Ankara, held in July 2017, the Rector of the International University in Sarajevo (IUS), Prof. Dr. Tahsin Erkan Türe, had an opportunity to meet with the well-known rectors and professors of numerous universities from various parts of the world.

The result of the Rector's participation at this extremely important gathering in Ankara resulted in establishing new academic cooperation, and possibility of strengthening already established ones, with prestigious Turkish universities. Boğaziçi University, Middle East Technical University, Istanbul Technical University, Abdullah Gül University, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and Hacettepe University are only few with whom IUS has established cooperation.

Thus, in the first half of August, the existing Erasmus + agreements were updated and extended, and new cooperation agreements between the institutions were established. This has significantly improved and facilitated the exchange of students, academic and administrative staff of IUS with the best ranked universities in Turkey.

Furthermore, the arrival of highly qualified professors from the institutions mentioned above is expected during the next semester. These professors will have the opportunity to share their international expertise with IUS academic staff. Future academic cooperation refers to the field of natural and technical sciences, arts, humanities and social sciences.