IUS Co-Partner of Sarajevo Talks by Al Jazeera Balkans

IUS Co-Partner of Sarajevo Talks by Al Jazeera Balkans

Some of the best experts on the Middle East gathered in Sarajevo on Thursday, March 15, 2018 for the first session of the Sarajevo Talks, a new Al Jazeera Balkans project, titled "Arab Spring: Seven Years On".

David Hearst, the Editor in Chief of the Middle East Eye, Galip Dalay from Al Shark Forum, Kamal Alam from the Royal United Service Institute, Edhem Fočo, the director of the Al Jazeera Network and Ahmet Alibašić, the professor at the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Sarajevo addressed the effects of the Arab Spring, but also the recent issues in the Middle East.

David Hearst recalled the beginnings of the Arab Spring by saying that the wrong vision caused the troubles: "The fundamental problem of the Arab Spring was that money was on one side, but the people on the other. Money was invested in the real estates in the UK, not in their own people."

"We continue to make the mistakes by saying 'Arab Spring'. Not all Arabs are same", said Kamal Alam. He emphasized that the relations between the Middle East countries and other countries are very complex: "For example, Indonesia, Algeria, Pakistan and some other Sunni-majority countries support Assad. This has nothing to do with the religious similarities or differences."

Galip Dalay argued that the Arab Spring has started a new historical process that still has not been finished.

The panelists also agreed that the current political situation in the Middle East is not even close to the stable one.

"Emiratis created the war in Yemen, we know that now", said Edhem Fočo.

"Failed states are intentionally being created... It is all about preserving power, survival. The issue is that there is no price someone would pay for it", said Ahmet Alibašić.

Balkans Studies Center of the International University of Sarajevo was a co-partner of the Sarajevo Talks.

"Events like this one are important for Sarajevo and Balkan Studies Center will participate in it whenever we will have opportunity. Cooperation with AJB is seen as a strategic and we are glad to work on it in coming period.", said Dr. Admir Mulaosmanović, BSC director.

IUS students Medisa Fočić, Lamija Jamak, Meho Porobić, Selma Tvrtković, Adem Dinarević, Ilma Hasić, Ammina Bašović and Ismail Ćidić were the members of the organizing committee.