IUS Café Design Competition

International University of Sarajevo (IUS) has organized a competition called IUS Café Design Competition, for 3rd, 4th year of studies and Master study students at IUS. The aim of this competition is to offer the best architectural solution for design of the café in front of the IUS main building and to propose a new vision that will remain as important symbol at IUS. This café should become the symbol of an important aspect of students life, between silence, relaxation and leisure. Designed proposals should incorporate latest tendencies of built environment and should respond to the needs of the contemporary world and thoughts of our students.

After selection of the designs submitted, IUS is pleased to announce the winners of the IUS Café Design Competition. The Jury formed by IUS Architecture Program staff selected 3 winners for the best design. The winners were selected for their creativity and understanding of dynamic and adaptive design.

The first place was given to: ELİF BİLİCİ.

The second and third place is shared by: MUSTAFA YILDIRIM and ÖMER FARUK MUKUL.

The winners will be awarded 1.000 KM for the first place, 750 KM and 500 KM for the second and third place. During the following months, the works on the construction of the IUS Café in front of the Campus will start.