IUS bids farewell to 2013 Class

On Friday, June 14th, 2013 the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) bids farewell to 2013 Class of graduates, from undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

The ceremonial of awarding diplomas to IUS graduates was held at the large plateau of the University where IUS professors, students and staff as well as many parents, friends and distinguished guests from home and abroad were present.

Among the high representatives from the Republic of Turkey were: Minister of Forestry and Waters from Turkey, Prof. Dr. Veysel Eroğlu and his wife, the Members of the Parliament for the City of Bursa, Mr. Mustafa Öztürk and Mr. Hakan Çavusoğlu, the Members of the Parliament for the City of Istanbul, Mr. Hüseyin Burg and Prof. Dr. Ömer Dinçer. The ceremony was also attended by: the President of the Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo, Mr. Hasan Topaloğlu, the Chairman of the IUS Board of Trustees, Prof. Dr. Hasan ZuhurI Sarikaya as well as other members of the IUS Board of Trustees, Mr. Şaban Erden, Dr. Mehmet Köse, Mr. Mehmet Alacacı and Mr. Abdülkadir Taçyıldız, TIKA Coordinator in B&H, Mr. Zülküf Oruç, the director of the Yunuz Emre Cultural Center, Mr. Ceylan Akay, the director of the Turkish Ziraat Bank, Mr. Ali Riza Akbaş, Second Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in B&H, Mr. Ismail Altunal, the Mayor of the Ilidža Municipality, Prof. Dr. Senaid Memić and SSST Rector, Prof. Dr. Ejup Ganić.

IUS Rector, Prof. Dr. Özer Çınar was the first one to address the audience and he said in his speech that IUS, for the first time, has escorted more than 200 students; to be precise 203 graduates received their diplomas today, of which nearly 170 students in undergraduate studies, 32 postgraduates and two doctoral students. He congratulated all students on their success and wished them good luck in their future lives.

The President of the Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo, Mr. Hasan Topaloğlu (SEDEF), the founder of IUS, recalled in his speech that IUS is celebrating in 2013, its tenth year of existence, and he expressed his great satisfaction for it. He added that the capacity of accepting students increased from 1,400 to 3,000 students, and that IUS accepted students from 33 countries, as well as highly capable teaching staff who comes from ten different countries. In the next five years, investments in better education and better conditions for students will be continued said Mr. Topaloglu. He also reminded that IUS annually awards 120 scholarships, and that is in its tenth year of existence, the decision was made to allocate about 700 student scholarships.

The Chairman of the IUS Board of Trustees, Prof. Dr. Hasan Zuhuri Sarikaya congratulated the students, who after a long and hard work achieved something important in their lives. "This is the end of one, and the beginning of a new period in your life. We are all aware that we live in a world where everything is changing rapidly, and so is the condition for your progress – and that is to continue to learn and be educated."

"I'm happy that I had the opportunity to be educated at the International University of Sarajevo. This is a special day, not only for me but for all of us," said Ms. Elma Sarajlija, the best University student who was granted 100% scholarship throughout her education at IUS, in her speech. Other top ranked students at all three faculties were:

1. Neđla Porča, 2. Nurullah Karaca and 3. Božena Bilić, from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 1. Azra Mehić, 2. Amar Ćemanović and 3. Amar Kratovac, from the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, and 1. Elma Sarajlija, 2. Amina Bukvić and 3. Elifgül Beyhan Zaim, from the Faculty of Business and Administration

The Member of the Parliament for the city of Istanbul and Former Minister of Education in the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Ömer Dinçer congratulated the students and IUS teaching staff. He also expressed his special gratitude to parents who brought those young people up, have them educated, saved money and paid for their education in every possible way. "This is their best day," said Mr. Dinçer.

The Minister of Forestry and Waters of the Republic of Turkey, Prof. Dr. Veysel Eroğlu, wished the students a lot of success, pointing out that everyone is proud of them today, because they are the guarantee for a better future. He recalled that IUS was founded by people who sincerely love B&H. "We are all proud of you and your achievements. I would like to ask a favor from all of you to forever remain ambassadors of IUS, represent it everywhere and in every possible way, to be its volunteers and to always support it. It does not have to be financial support, a moral one is good enough. The learning and training does not age, you must do this all your life. Plan your future well and never give up, "said Minister Eroğlu.

"I will not talk about the ten years of existence of the University, but I have to say that in the first row there are people sitting who have been helping B&H for more than 20 years. Minister Eroğlu, Mr. Şaban Erden and Mr. Hasan Topaloğlu have been involved in the projects of help to B&H for 20 years, and the fact that we have so many students today is the best help for Bosnia and Herzegovina, "said in his address the Mayor of Ilidža Municipality, Prof. Dr. Senaid Memić.

After opening remarks of our distinguished invitees, by cutting the red ribbon a new building of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences at IUS was opened.

During his visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Minister of Forestry and Waters from Turkey Mr. Eroğlu met with the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations in B&H, Mr. Mirko Šarović. Minister Eroğlu also visited the grave of the first president of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the late Mr. Alija Izetbegovic in the graveyard Kovači. He also visited Srebrenica gallery, whose construction was initiated by the Turkish Prime Minister, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and the project was funded by the Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA).

After the ceremony of awarding diplomas and opening of the new building, students and guests continued to socialize at the cocktail served at the IUS plateau.

The Best IUS Student Speech (Ms. Elma Sarajlija)

First of all I would like to welcome all of our dear guests to the 2012/2013 graduation ceremony.

I am very excited to be standing here in front of our professors, friends and families. It is a special feeling which cannot be easily explained in words to know that our hard work has paid off and we have made it to the end of our university path.

I would foremost like to thank my parents because without them I would not be the person I am today. Their support during my whole life has been enormous and non-exhaustive. I would also like to thank all of the people dear to me who were there for me for the past four years and even longer. Furthermore, a great thank you goes out to all of my professors for providing me the necessary knowledge and guiding me through my university education, as well as all of the academic and non-academic staff of IUS. Special thank you goes to our rector Prof. Dr. Özer Çınar. I am happy I have had the opportunity to be educated at the International University of Sarajevo.

However, today is not just my day. Today is the day of all of us. All of my colleagues sitting here and waiting for the moment to throw their caps and step into a new, more mature chapter of their life deserve mine and everyone's respect. The past four years were special for each one of us. We studied for our exams together, we laughed, we were happy, we were under stress and we shared many other memories. But overall it was an unbelievable experience I am sure we wouldn't trade it for any other. I want to congratulate every one of us and to wish us success in our future lives. May all of us have our dreams come true.

I am sure everyone is anxious to celebrate this wonderful occasion with their closest ones, so without further delay, I would like to ask the generation of 2012/2013 to throw their caps.