IUS became richer for another young scientist


Haris Salkic, a student at the International University of Sarajevo, is involved in the development and production of robotic arms. His story begins in his hometown, Brčko, where he attended Secondary Technical School, department for Mechatronic. By pursuing this very direction, he discovered in himself a love for innovation, something that has not been seen in our circles yet, but should be. Harris made the first robot arm out of wood, mostly because of his curiosity and desire to "peek" into the world of robotics. The professors were the first audience to recognize this young man's abilities, so he was sent to a national technical science competition, in which he won the first place, thereby gaining faith in himself, which is crucial in building a career. Arriving in Sarajevo, Harris's talent gained special significance because he joined a group of people with whom he shares similar interests, and with his knowledge helped them to develop a program and thus became part of their team. Through working with this group, he learned how to use a 3D printer, which is his job today. With a robotic arm designed and named by HAS_One, he has applied to the Start-UP Challenge Sarajevo Business Forum (SBF) Business Ideas Contest.

Making a real robotic arm, young Harris delighted the jury and won the first place. He used the money that was the reward for his work in a specific way — by purchasing a 3D printer that he uses today to create new robotic hands. The purpose of making a robotic arm is to use it as a teaching aid in primary and secondary schools. Due to better working conditions, he joined IUS this year at the Mechanical Engineering Department. In the coming year, Harris plans to begin mass production of this product of his imagination, effort, and work, and IUS is here to support the work of this talented guy. In addition to his love for robotics, it is also interesting that Harris trained as a boy riding kayak for 9 years and for 2 years he was a member of the BiH national team. It is worth mentioning that at the moment his only partner in the business is his sister Samra, and he is very proud of her. Many traits make Harris a role model to other young people and another nice piece of information is that he sees his future in Bosnia and Herzegovina and thinks it's worth staying here.