IUS Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ragab Abdel-Gawwad became B&H representative on three projects of COST

European program called Cost of Supporting Technology Services (COST) nominated Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ragab Abdel-Gawwad, a professor in Genetics and Bioengineering Program of the International University of Sarajevo as B&H representative on three projects of COST:

• COST Action FA0905: Mineral-improved crop production for healthy food and feed
• COST Action FA1106: An integrated systems approach to determine the developmental mechanisms controlling fleshy fruit quality in tomato and grapevine
• COST Action FA1103 Endophytes in Biotechnology and Agriculture

COST is an international framework for European cooperation in the field of science and technology, which allows coordination of nationally-funded research on the European level.

Together with EUREKA and EU Framework Programmes (EU Framework Programmes), the COST program is considered as one of the three pillars of joint European research initiatives.

For participation in COST actions the requirement is to have at least 5 COST Member States. The state of Bosnia and Herzegovina was admitted as a member of COST at the 174th COST CSO (COST Committee of Senior Officials) meeting held in Brussels on 26th-27th of May, 2009.

Researchers from B&H institutions have played an active role in COST activities participating in programs for individuals, society, culture and health (ISCH), as well as forestry programs and products and services (FPS).

The International University of Sarajevo is proud to have a faculty member/researcher like Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ragab Abdel-Gawwad in its team, who actively participates in COST projects, contributing to scientific, technological, economic, cultural and social development in Europe.

These three COST actions projects, in which Dr. Gawwad is being an active member, belong to a program called COST People program, which aims to quantitatively and qualitatively strengthen the human potential in research and technology in Europe, encourage the European researchers to stay in Europe, and also aim to bring Europe to be a place that will attract the best researchers from around the world.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ragab Abdel-Gawwad is also an editor of the online journal of research in the field of Plants, called: Journal of Plant Biology Research. http://www.inast.org/Issues.html

For more details, please visit the following links:

http://www.cost.eu/domains_actions/fa/Actions/FA0905 http://www.cost.eu/domains_actions/fa/Actions/FA1103 http://www.cost.eu/domains_actions/fa/Actions/FA1106