IUS in the artistic community and cultural events of the region

Cooperation merges between IUS students’ curriculum activities and the mainstream institutions of culture in Sarajevo in regard to the learning outcomes of the artistic activity courses exams in VACD were very successful recently. This idea, by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lejla Panjeta, Head of Department of Arts, became the educational and practical strategy of the department and was successfully followed up by including our academics and students in the industry, art projects and professional jobs, and engaging with the institutions of culture and art industry in BiH with effective and mutually satisfying products and creative activities. The visibility of IUS in the artistic community of Sarajevo has increased tremendously.

The visual promo design for the performance Tamo Amo, directed by reputable theater and film director from Belgrade, will be done by our master student and notable professional designer, an expert in information graphic, Ms. Merisa Basic. Senior Assistant Roman Sulejmanpasic, MFA is Head of the project of Set Design and Visual Identity with the students of the course Advanced Drawing, for the children’s performance Town Musicians from Bremen, by Brothers Grimm, directed by famous Belma Lizde Kurt, and to be premiered in one week.  Senior Assistant Roman Sulejmanpasic, MFA is leading our students in the set design, props, and backdrops for this performance, and students from the Academy of Performing Arts Sarajevo are helping in dramatic adaptation. M. Furkan Hizir is designing the visual promo identity for this event. The posters and catalogs he designed are promoting IUS among the young audience, and this cooperation is greatly helping our publicity and visibility in the professional art and design community in Sarajevo. Expert in practice, Nadir Heric, made the video backdrop for Youth Theater. Department of Arts is participating in the Press conference of this event.

The visual identity on the National Theater for the current premiere (posters, catalog and banners) is done by designer M.Furkan Hizir. Senior Assistant Roman Sulejmanpasic, MFA is making illustrations for the Bosnian-Croatian culture magazine UM. VACD staff also visited the printing company Grafika Saran, that has the top quality printing machines in the region and delivers the finest print of all kinds for different printing designs and orders. Senior Assistant Yasir Goz, MA is currently working on making VACD and CREDU exhibition Failed Coup travel across the region and visit the neighboring countries.

These cooperations are resulting in successful projects and are followed up by neat and professional promo photography of the above-mentioned events and performances done by VACD fourth year Student demonstrator Fatih Er. His brutally appealing artistic photos were exhibited last week at the University of Vienna, Sky Lounge. Fatih Er is the layout author for the upcoming book from scientific field of film studies and film theory by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lejla Panjeta, of the internationally recognized Buybook publishing, with renowned Editor Kristina Ljevak. The Technical editor of this book is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Meliha Teparic, very creative hand drawn illustrations and most visually catchy cover design were made by M.Furkan Hizir. Highly commendable reviews of this book come from scientific experts in film studies from University in Belgrade and University in Zagreb and the book launch is planned in Sarajevo and Zagreb by the end of this year.

Congratulations to the VACD team for making us proud and stand out in the art and design industry in the region!