IUS Architecture Students at 3-Day Workshop in Umoljani

From April 22-26, 2019, our senior students of Architecture took part in a five-day workshop “5 Elements of Architecture”, as part of which they spent three days on a field trip in Umoljani and its summer pastoral village Gradina, characterized by vernacular Bosnian architecture.

Early spring weather in Bosnian mountains was favoring the participants and allowed for satisfactory trips and hard work in a beautiful environment.

The workshop focused on the environmental factors that influence the development of architecture at different regions and eras. The ultimate goal of the workshop was to comprehend the interaction of natural forces with the architectural creations, in parallel with human requirements and abilities. The student analysis was made by using a classification based on Plato’s concept of the origin of nature - 4 basic elements of nature (fire, water, air, earth). The obscure 5th element of ‘ether’ was also considered, here taken as a reference to life forms. They were able to find the mentioned elements of architecture and traditional architectural solutions, analyze them, put into order, and prepare posters as an explanation and the final outcome of their work.

The workshop was organized by the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) professors Dr. Tomasz E. Malec and Dr. Adnan Zoranić, student Bedrija Imamović, together with Prof. Dr. Thanos N. Stasinopoulos from the Izmir University of Economics.