IUS and Yildiz Technical University obtained Mevlana research grant

We congratulate IUS professors for getting the grant support for their research project by the Ministry of Education in Turkey. Dr. Muhidin Mulalic, Dr. Nudzejma Obralic and Dr. Almasa Mulalic and Dr. Ali Caksu from Yildiz Technical University are research project team-members.

The research grant was allocated to examine the questions, challenges and implications of the migration processes, especially those of the Bosniaks who live in the rural areas of Bursa. The study will describe the process of migration, challenges and obstacles that immigrants and refugees face while coming to a new country. The project will contribute towards the migration policy design for the immigrants coming from currently war-torn areas. The study will be significant for the incorporation of current migrants, patterns, motives and situation.

The overall aim of the project is to promote and strengthen the cooperation between higher education institutions, in this case between International University of Sarajevo and Yildiz Technical University, in accordance with the purpose of improving quality in the internationalization process of the higher education system.

The research project team-members plan to develop migration promotional materials, organize a one-day seminar, publish an edited book and a journal article.

The Mevlana project procedure was coordinated by IUS International Relations Office and Yildiz Technical University International Office.