IUS and Turkish Green Crescent Society have signed an Agreement on Cooperation

Prof. Dr. M. Ihsan Karaman, the President of “Turkish Green Crescent Society”, held a lecture on addiction and protection young people from harmful habits. The event took place in the main amphitheater of International University of Sarajevo, on Tuesday, October 28th 2014. The non-governmental organization 'Green crescent' has organized this lecture with the support of International University of Sarajevo. The aim of this lecture is to provide information about problem of addiction in society especially among young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond.

During his lecture Prof. Dr. M. Ishan Karaman has pointed out that there are five types of addiction and these primarily refer to the protection of young people form addictions such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs, gambling and nowadays addiction to technology and devices. At the end of the lecture, the representatives of ”Green Crescent” in BiH and IUS signed a Memorandum of Understanding. This Memorandum will ensure in its essence adequate conditions for the battle against addiction and provide additional necessary support in this particular field among institutions. The Memorandum was signed by:

  • On behalf of (IUS) - Rector of the University, Prof. Dr. Yücel Oğurlu;
  • On behalf of the ''Green Crescent'' - President of the organization, Prof. Dr. M. Ihsan Karaman;
  • On behalf of the organization in BiH ''Green Crescent'' - President of the Association, Dr. Redžo Čaušević.

The Green Crescent is a newly established NGO in our country. The Organization is a member of the Federation of countries of the Green Crescent from Turkey, with 30 member countries in its structure and they operate globally. This organization will also work on prevention of all types of addiction in BiH as well as provide assistance to all those fighting addiction.