IUS and LEC students visited Klas company

On Wednesday, December 10th, 2014, students from the IUS Leadership and Entrepreneurship Center (LEC), with coordinator Assist. Prof. Dr. Senad Bušatlić and lecturer Mrs. Aida Akagić-Hodžić, visited company Klas dd. They attended route program of Klas d.d.  Aim of the Program was to learn how big domestic companies like Klas work, what kind of structure they use, how are they linked with different business areas, considering top and low management, project implementation, connecting with relevant sectors: financial, administrative, PR, branding, marketing, advertising. Through this visit, students could improve their knowledge and experience from the business sector and leadership. 

On behalf of Klas d.d. 12 young people from LEC were welcomed from Assistant Director, Mr. Adnan Hodžić, where they had presentation, visiting production sector and meetings with people from the Klas company. They also learned that Klas d.d. is the largest domestic company in Bosnia and Herzegovina that develops, produces, sells, and exports grain-based food products for final users, industrial consumers, and bakeries. The company also operates with a chain of mini-bakeries that provide a range of bakery and confectionary products to shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, snack rooms, sport centers, hospitals, and other institutions; and a network of retail stores. It serves customers in Southeast Europe, Scandinavia, the European Union, the United States, Canada, and the Middle East. The company was founded in 1902 and is based in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. 

Talking about the conditions for the sales of products in BiH and in international level, assistant director said that, regardless of the current difficult economic circumstances, Klas d.d. have a bright future, while emphasizing that they began with a new export of raspberries and repurchase of mushrooms. He also highlighted that institution such as IUS-LEC are positive example of how a quality ideas and knowledge of young people can become a sustainable component in business sector of BiH. Beside educational and practical program, students had a nice time, trying products of the Klas d.d. They were invited at the end for next visits and the workshops that could be organized in the company.