IUS Alumnus Ismail Cidic: IUS gave me a good introduction to study at Duke, USA


Ismail Cidic, a graduate of the IUS Social and Political Science program, is currently based in the US where he continued his master's degree at the prestigious Duke University. As a foreign student who went on to master's degree directly after his undergraduate studies, he says he quickly became accustomed and managed to earn high marks.

“The system on Duke is significantly different from the system on IUS, but also generally European systems. There is a significant focus on research methodology, much more is being done on a weekly basis and continuous commitment is required for high grades. However, there are absolutely the best conditions available to students and it is difficult to imagine any condition that a university cannot meet. However, I must emphasize that the international environment at IUS, and professors like Dr. Mirsad Karić, Dr. Admir Mulaosmanovic and especially my mentor and friend Dr. Emir Suljagic, have made a good introduction for a university like Duke. I had no problem following the lectures of the best American professors, "Ismail said.

As an IUS student, he was very active in various extracurricular activities and continued his activism at Duke.

"My students’ and social activism have significantly influenced my development and I certainly strive to be active here. As we are currently in the 25th year of the Srebrenica genocide and the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement, I am working on several projects to commemorate those anniversaries at Duke, but also to spread the story and truth of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I set it as my mission. "

Ismail also points out that a special part of his study in the US is the experience of living in that country.

"I feel that I am developing almost on a daily basis through interaction with all the people who reside here, and through observations in daily life. These are two totally different experiences - to follow / study (American) politics from Bosnia and Herzegovina and from here, in the field. I had the opportunity to attend a political rally of leading Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, and to meet former BiH war reporter and US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power. I think I was not mistaken for choosing the United States of America instead of studying in London and Paris. I hope that the state institutions, these social and non-governmental organizations will change their relationship and give scholarships to as many of our young people as possible at the world's best universities. Also, I would love to help with the application process for anyone interested in studying in the US and will be happy to answer any questions, ”says Ismail, concluding that he has started considering a Ph.D. in the US if the opportunity arises.