IUS Alumnus Benjamin Šehić Made His First Short Film “Rise”

On Thursday, December 21, 2017, the premiere screening of the film made by young director and our Alumnus Benjamin Šehić was held in Multimedia hall in Hadžići municipality. As Šehić stated himself, film “Uspon” (“Rise”) is his first professional short film which deals with the struggle of main characters to survive in the wild after they escaped prison.
The inspiration for the project was a metaphor for his struggles with failure and obstacles on his life journey. This futuristic drama keeps the audience interested and intrigued till the very end.
Lead actor Rijad Gvozden said that he accepted his role in this project because these kinds of films are unusual and something fresh for Bosnian cinematography. He praised the discipline and hard work of Šehić and rest of the crew.
Gvozden emphasized that Benjamin has potential to make the feature film and that “Uspon” should find its place in film festivals around the world.
Benjamin Šehić obtained his Bachelor degree at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of International University of Sarajevo (IUS) and first working version of the film “Uspon” was part of his BA thesis.
On behalf of the International University of Sarajevo, we congratulate Benjamin Šehić on his successful film premiere and we wish him more fruitful projects in years to come.