IUS Alumni stories - Abdussamed Cakmak


Magical touch

I was born in Germany and I have spent my first 7 years living there. When I was finishing high school I was thinking of studying abroad. I was thinking to go to Vienna, but my father advised me to go to Bosnia and Herzegovina. I liked the idea and searched about universities in this country. When I read about IUS I liked the system at this university and knew it is the place where I should continue my education. I got a 50% scholarship which was one more reason why I chose this university. As soon as I arrived I felt the international environment I read online about. First - year I spent at ELS. I am grateful to my English language teachers for the knowledge I gained. They taught us much more than language, we felt huge support from them as well, since most of us were away from family and friends for the first time. After ELS I continued studies at the Computer Science and Engineering Program.

After the graduation, I returned to Turkey. Since I was a child I was interested in acting and film industry and I like unusual things as well. With language and some knowledge gained through my studies, I came up with the idea of being a magician. Classic magic was not interesting to me as much as this one I am doing now. Within some period people started to follow my work and magic became my real job.

The very first professional advertisement was filmed for Anadolu Jet. A lot of companies wanted to have the first magical video in their sector. Later on, companies as Bebeto willed to sign a contract about cooperation. As offers from companies were coming, some Turkish channels wanted to make news about my work. Users of social networks show interest and give support as well.

I am grateful to my father who advised me to go to Bosnia. Choosing a university is the first step in your career. The big advantage of studying at IUS is the English language and system of studying which offers you to enlarge knowledge throughout different activities. Another one is the international environment which helps you to learn about other cultures and languages.