IUS Achieves Record Number of Erasmus+ Exchanges

In the period from July 2014 to May 2017, the IUS International Relations Office (IRO) successfully organized the exchange of 208 students and employees, which were realized through 23 projects of International Credit Mobility, approved and financed by the EU.  IUS management can rightly be proud of this remarkable success, especially considering the fact that the IUS is a relatively young university, and that the number of its students and staff is significantly lower compared to other B&H Universities.

In the past two years, IUS has established cooperation with 51 institutions from abroad through Erasmus + bilateral agreements. This allows students and IUS staff to participate in exchanges in various countries, from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia, Portugal to Spain.

The Erasmus + Exchange Program, established at the IUS two years ago, is an exceptionally important medium of internationalization of our University, which further develops and significantly improves the quality of higher education, simplifies and improves administrative and other services for students. Every kind of formal academic success is tremendously important, but the most significant contribution of Erasmus+ student mobility is the cultural and social aspect! Getting to know different cultures, learning foreign languages, researching, socializing and working together, acquiring new experiences and becoming independent – all are noble dimensions of exchange, which leave the most positive impact on the lives of young people.

This EU exchange program was also very useful for our academic and administrative staff who benefited greatly from the new opportunities for professional development that this important program offered.