Ismail Šehić gave a lecture on Erasmus+ program

Due to great interest in Erasmus exchange programs and new calls offered, International Relations Office of the IUS organized a lecture for students and academic staff of the university on December 24, 2015. The guest speaker was Ismail Šehić, leader of the coordination team of European programs for youth as well as student at the University of Sarajevo and activist of Erasmus+ program and training. Ismail Šehić, along with International Relations Office (IRO) assistant, Emina Bašić presented the four new projects of Erasmus Mundus, at which an opportunity is given to students and staff for exchange at 32 universities from 12 EU member states.

Ismail Šehić participated over the past few years in more than 50 projects, trainings and exchange programs within Erasmus+ program, and shared his experience with the audience. During the lecture, they described the application process for Erasmus Mundus exchange to students and academic staff of the IUS. The most common preconceptions that students have on the exchanges are: "It is not for me, studying abroad is more difficult than here", "It costs too much, I probably will not get a scholarship," and "I'll lose my scholarship that I have now." These misconceptions are disproved during the presentation and students listened to a lecture with great interest.