"Islam in the European Union" lecture by Prof. Dr. Fikret Karčić

Sarajevo, December 24th 2009

IUS International Relations Club organized on December 24th 2009 public lecture “Islam in the European Union: Perspectives and Challenges“. The lecture was delivered by Prof. Dr. Fikret Karčić from the Faculty of Islamic Sciences of the University in Sarajevo and held at the IUS Conference Hall.

The lecture consisted of two parts. In first one – „Encounters between Islam and Europe“ – Prof. Dr. Karčić presented three manners of encounters between Muslims and non-Muslims on the European soil. Two of them were confrontational, while the third and the last one wasn't. Prof. Dr. Karić also stated that the most important groups of Muslims for these encounters were Muslims from the Balkans and Muslims of the Russian Federation.

Second part of the lecture was titled „Islam in the European Union: Social and Legal Framework“ during which Prof. Dr. Karić talked about the profiles of Muslims living in the EU saying that they constitute very heterogeneous community, having in mind that Muslims living in the EU come from five different cultural zones of the Muslim world.

As the lecture ended, everyone present was invited for a small gathering with refreshments.