IRO Organized Orientation for Incoming Exchange Students

Starting from October 2017, International Relations Office (IRO) of the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) organized orientation for foreign students, who came on exchange to the IUS during winter semester of academic year 2017/18. The Orientation Day included instructive and informative presentations, where students were introduced to the history and culture of BiH and its capital Sarajevo, and to the advantages of the student life at the IUS.

Incoming students are on exchange at the IUS through international programs such as Erasmus+ and Mevlana, or through cooperation agreements that were signed between the IUS and other institutions of higher education worldwide. Erasmus+ exchange program that started at the IUS three years ago has proven itself to be exceptional means for the University’s internationalization. Thanks to this program, the interest of foreign students for exchange at the IUS has been significantly increased in comparison with the years before it. Accordingly, this academic year, for exchange at the IUS there are applications from Estionia, Lithuania, Ireland, Poland and France, as well as students from Ukraine and India, who contribute additionally to the IUS diversity. Experiencing different cultures,  learning foreign languages, joint work and socializing, and acquiring new experiences, are just few of the noble dimensions of Erasmus+ student mobility.