The IRO is an office under the Rectorate of the International University of Sarajevo(IUS), answerable to theRector, Vice-Rectors and the Secretary General.

The International University of Sarajevo aspires to be an internationally recognized institution. For this reason, we aim to increase the quality of our education and research, to be able to become a centre of International Relations in the Balkan region as well as globally. We have signed more than thirty agreements (MoU's) with universities around the world, to develop and strengthen the international character of our university.

Based on the principles of mutual benefit, we intend to explore opportunities for:

a)      Establishment of student, faculty, scholars and administrators exchange programs between educational institutions;

b)     Development of joint curriculum, including non-degree and dual degree programmes with educational institutions;

c)      Research collaboration in the fields of mutual interest between the research staff/departments and schools/faculties of educational institutions;

d)     Exchanging and sharing of teaching and academic materials, publications, reference and other pertinent information with educational institutions;

e)      Arrangement and promotion of hosting and presenting the cultural events and art exhibitions between institutions.

To accomplish IUS' objectives in the field of education and research as illustrated in our annual strategic master plan, it is crucial that our staff is internationally oriented. Currently our staff is from all around the world. As our teaching language is English, there is no language barrier. To improve the mobility of our staff and our students, we are preparing ourselves to get involved in the Erasmus Mundus Program.

Currently we are organizing a conference on Education, Culture and Identity, from 6-8 July 2013. It is our aim to become a centre of excellence where different kinds of international scholars and students can exchange their ideas. We believe that Sarajevo, with its historical heritage, can become a meeting point for scholars and students from all around the world. IUS welcomes students and staff to realize this goal.