Ireland Opens Door to IUS Staff Exchange

As part of the Erasmus+ exchange program, the staff of the International University of Sarajevo has gained a unique opportunity to pay a visit to the Republic of Ireland. With the assistance of the International Relations Office, two academic staff members from the IUS Visual Arts and Communication Design Program, Kenan Zekić and Emir Hambo took part in staff teaching mobility at the University of Limerick in the period between March 5 and 9, 2018.

One of the main objectives of the visit was for our staff members to learn the best practices regarding the Interactive Media program at the University of Limerick considering that IUS is in the process of upgrading its curriculum in the area of Interaction Design.

During their visit, Professors Zekić and Hambo shared their teaching and professional experience and explored numerous opportunities for future cooperation both in the context of education and research.