IPSA Fest “Anxiety” held at IUS

The opening day of IPSA Fest was Wednesday, May 23rd. After the opening speech, Assist. Prof. Dr. Selvira Dragonovic gave a speech about Anxiety and related topics. After that, Assist. Prof. Dr Orkun Aydın gave a speech about Cognative Behavioral Therapy in Anxiety Disorders. After the break, Assist. Prof. Dr. Pınar Ünal Aydın spoke about '' Clinical Features of Anxiety Disorder''. There was also the promotion session where there were presentations about TPÖÇG, IPSA BALKANS, EFPSA and SINAPSA.

On the second day of the festival, Assist. Prof. Dr. Almasa Mulalic and held presentation about '' Anxiety in English Language Learning''. Then EMDR Workshop was held by Assist. Prof. Dr. Orkun Aydın.

There was also election for the upcoming presidency of the IPSA club where candidates promoted their campaign.

Prof. Dr. Ayla Arslan gave a lecture about ''Anxious Brain''. The last event of the day was '' CBT Workshop'' held by Assist. Prof. Dr. Pınar Ünal Aydın. At the end of the day the winner of the Drawing competition was announced. The winner was chosen by a committee formed by 2 professors and 1 student. (Assist. Prof. Dr. Selvira Dragonovic, Assist. Prof. Dr. Roman Sulejmanpasic and Mr. Caner Albayrak )

The Last day of the festival was devoted to Thesis defences. Students of psychology on the Graduation project Synthesis subject with Professor Nina Bosankic had the opportunity to present their diploma projects. Students whose projects were implemented continuously throughout the semester presented their activities in the form of oral presentations and poster sessions, while three projects in the form of lectures and workshops with guests, experts from the respective fields, were implemented during the day. Caner Albayrak, Hasan Tahsin Çoşkun, Muhammed Bedirhan Sürgit, Mehmet Enes Aydoğan did a presentation of their thesis '' Social Anxiety Among IUS Students''. Later on, Ajdina Halilovic, Selma Begic, Afife Özcan, Kanita Merdic and Guest speaker Mr. Faruk Krek did a presention of their thesis '' Attitudes of Stigma Towards People with Mental Illness Among IUS Students and Differences Based on Social and Non-Social Sciences and Gender''. After that Elvedin Kahrovic, Nadir Selman Parmak, Abdullah Azam Kayan, Ayşenur Özcan and guest speakers Mr. Mirza Catic and Mr. Hasan Nuhanovic did a presentation about their thesis '' PTSD among Bosnian War Veterans''. After that the Poster Presentations was held. At the same time parallel sessions (Continuum of the Project Presentations) were held. The closing ceremony was moderated by Assist. Prof. Dr. Nina Bosankic.