IPSA Balkans Organized an Exhibition Condemning Terrorism

On Wednesday, January 4, 2017, the International Psychology Students Association organized an exhibition condemning terrorism entitled “IPSA Cares” on the ground floor of A Building, at the International University of Sarajevo. The aim of this exhibition was to shed light upon the aftermath of terrorism. The exhibition consisted of four posters condemning messages of the dreadful acts done by terrorists, and eighteen posters with photos from all around the world, highlighting the true face of violence that has been happening to this day. The photos depicted the damage terrorism has made in different countries, to different places and their people.

The IPSA students stated: “As IPSA Balkans and future psychologists, we remind that peoples’ lives were taken cruelly and that they need to be remembered with dignity. The goal of the exhibition is to send a message that terrorist acts of hatred, and efforts to instill fear in the hearts and minds of civilians, are futile against mankind’s immense capacity for love, hope, and compassion.”