Interview with Elma Sarajlija, the best IUS student in 2012/2013

For beginning, tell us something about yourself.

My name is Elma Sarajlija. I am 23 years old and I am from Sarajevo. I graduated from the department of International and public relations at IUS.

You have been chosen as the best IUS student in 2012/2013 academic year. What is the secret of your success?

There is no special secret. Behind my achievements are hard work and effort. It is necessary to be aware that work is paying off and that one must never give up on their goals. Also, it is very important to love what you are studying, because if you do, no assignment can be difficult.

How much did IUS contribute to your success?

Very much. The last four years have really been the best of my life. I gained so much experience, knowledge and many friends. I am really glad to have met so many people and friends of various nationalities, and I believe that studying at IUS made my life richer.

How did you decide on IUS?

I wanted to study at university of international character that gives me a chance to choose direction I have interests in, so IUS was a perfect choice for me. Besides, I did not have to go far away from home.

Did the new environment you met at IUS pose a challenge to you and how did you prepare for it?

After finishing local high school, it was a big change to meet people from different cultural environments, as well as using English for everyday communication and studying. However, I adjusted pretty fast to the new environment.

Did studying in English pose a challenge to you?

No. Considering I already had high grades from English in high school, studying in it enabled me further advancement of my knowledge, as well as, after finishing university, bigger competence in domestic and international work fields.

Did you have IUS scholarship?

During the first year of studying at IUS I didn't have scholarship but thanks to high average grade at the end of it I was awarded with full scholarship for the remainder of study period.

What do you think are advantages of IUS over other universities?

There are many advantages of studying at IUS. Above all, we have international environment that wideness our horizons and creates friendships between different cultures. Also, IUS provides possibilities of scholarships and internships. However, the relations between professors and students enable us to get help in support at all times from our instructors. The teaching staff is highly competent and educated, international and this gives us special advantages on getting necessary knowledge.

How much did your family help during your studies?

My family is my greatest support and I am greatly thankful for this.

What does this achievement mean to you?

Being recognized as the best student of 2012/2013 generation is wonderful reward for four years of hard work and dedication to studies. This is a proof that hard work is always recognized, as well as inspiration for further success.

Where do you see yourself in future?

I will continue with master studies at IUS, after which I plan to finish doctoral degree also. In future I see myself in the field of academic works

Would you recommend IUS to others?

I would definitely recommend IUS to all young people who want to gain knowledge, expand horizons, and who wish to experience something different while being a part of dynamic student environment.

Is there anything you wish to say for the end of this interview?

I am very happy and grateful for having an opportunity to get education at IUS. Without any doubts, I would again made the same choice when choosing University because the past four years were the most important period of my life.