INTERVETWB presentation for vocational/technical schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina


On 28/05/2020, an online presentation of the INTERVETWB project for secondary vocational/technical schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina was held. The UNISER representative, Lucilla Morelli presented the project and partner organizations from 8 EU Member States and 6 Western Balkans countries.

The presentation was attended by directors and teachers of vocational/technical schools from Bosanska Krupa, Bihac, Bosanski Petrovac, Maglaj, Sarajevo, Ilijas, Fojnica, Gracanica, Gorazde, Hadzici, Kakanj, Vogosca ...

Representatives of the Ministry of Education of the USC, the ZDK Chamber of Commerce, and partner of the project Chamber of Commerce FBiH#, also took part in the discussion.

Applications for the staff of vocational/technical schools in BiH are available via the link: