International University of Sarajevo Presents a New Opportunity to Win a Scholarship

International University of Sarajevo is an institution of higher education which offers quality education to local and foreign students at all three study cycles. The University has been developing intensively throughout the past years, and was among the first in Bosnia and Herzegovina to adopt the European standards of teaching. At the IUS, it has become a regular practice to organize the largest scholarship testing in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in order to provide all candidates with an equal opportunity to win a scholarship. “Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo”, being the founder of IUS, provides every year a large number of scholarships for all interested senior high-school students.

This year, the first scholarship testing was held on March 29, and the final results have once more revealed that the BiH youth has recognized the advantages that International University of Sarajevo offers to its students.

Due to a large interest to study at one of the 21 IUS study programs and to a large number of applications for the 1st scholarship testing, the IUS administration has decided to offer a second opportunity for those students who were not able to sit for the first testing. The new testing is a great chance for students to obtain a scholarship/discount for studying at the IUS. The exam itself consists of the general knowledge and math questions, and the scholarships are awarded to the candidates based on their results. The lowest scholarship a candidate can obtain is 40%, and the highest one is 100% of the total annual tuition fee.

According to the new rules, the scholarships are awarded for the period of 5 years. If a student does not graduate during that time, the scholarship is changing to 50% regardless of its initial value. The choice of study program at the moment of the registration is final. Any subsequent change can, but does not necessary have to, change the percentage of the awarded scholarship. Only the beneficiaries of full (100%) scholarships, are required to keep their academic success at a certain level, and are exempt from paying the tuition fee for the first year of the Preparatory English Language School (ELS). The recipients of other scholarships pay the tuition fee for the ELS.

The new opportunity for all senior students for winning a scholarship at the International University of Sarajevo will be on Thursday, May 30, 2019, starting at 2 p.m. The right to sit for this test have all candidates who meet the following criteria:

  1. Candidates are citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, or: Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia,
  2. Candidates are senior high-school students,
  3. Candidates did not previously sit for an IUS scholarship testing,
  4. On the day of testing, candidates need to bring a government issued document that has their photo on it (ID card, driving license, or passport).

The registration for the test is a must, and it is made through the webpage:

See you on 30th of May, 2019!