The International University of Sarajevo is organizing II testing for scholarships

A new opportunity for all students of the High school final grade for scholarships at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) is on Friday, May 11, 2018, starting at 2 pm.
The International University of Sarajevo is a higher education institution and in the course of its work it has offered high-quality education to domestic and foreign students in three study cycles, and the University has developed very intensively and is among the first in BiH that has adapted its teaching to European standards. 

Due to the great interest in studying at one of the 21 IUS study programs, new testing is a great opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and get the opportunity to achieve an appropriate scholarship/discount for IUS education. Testing is not just a chance to win scholarships; it is also an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and abilities. The exam consists of questions from general knowledge and mathematics, and scholarships are awarded to candidates based on the results achieved. The lowest scholarship that can be won through a general knowledge and mathematics test is 40%, and the highest 100% of the total tuition fee per annum. 

According to the new rules on scholarships, scholarships are awarded for a period of 5 years. If the student does not graduate during this period, the scholarship is fixed to 50%, regardless of the initial scholarship. The choice of a study program when applying for a scholarship is final. Any subsequent change may or may not be subject to change in the amount of the scholarship. Only users of full (100%) scholarships are required to maintain academic success at a certain level and are free from tuition fees in the English Language Preparatory School for the first year. Users of other scholarships are subject to payment of tuition fees in the English Language School. 

The rights to access the second testing have those students who meet the following requirements:
 • Citizens of BiH or some of the countries in the region 
 • Students of High school final year.
 • Have not previously taken part in IUS testing. 

Candidates can only take the exam once, and when sitting for the exam, they need to have an identification document with a photo on (ID card, driver's license, passport).
Registration is compulsory and can be done at: 

Testing is free.

 See you on May 11th, 2018.