Interesting lecture about formal education, curiosity and motivation

Lecturer at University of Zenica, Alma Pirić, gave a lecture entitled ‘’English Language and Lifelong Learning’’ at the International University of Sarajevo on Wednesday, March 25, 2015 as a part of ELIT Talks Lecture Series organized by ELIT program, FASS. She teaches undergraduate courses at the Faculty of Philosophy.  This semester, Alma serves as a University Supervisor for Drexel University, and she also teaches in the graduate program at the University of Mostar.  She was an English Language Fellow at the University of Banja Luka and a mentor to a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Banja Luka. 

During the lecture, Alma Pirić talked about formal education, curiosity, motivation (positive and negative), love for foreign languages, need to communicate as important triggering factors for learning a second language and its acquisition  in general. It is the fact that a world is becoming a ‘global village’ where people are forced to learn some new languages for the sake of communication and interaction with people from other communities. Learning a ‘second’ language implies not only learning one particular language but learning a third or fourth language subsequently to a native language. Professor Pirić stated that learning a second language does not imply only learning it in a designed instructional environment and within a formal process. 

It is the study of a way, in which people learn a language other than their mother tongue inside or outside of a classroom. She concluded that motivation for learning a L2 is determined as an inner state which triggers human behavior which later on acts accordingly, it is also argued to be an inner drive to a particular action/input and a major component in success. It is the reason why people decide to do something, how they pursue it and how they struggle to achieve the goal.