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“Impeaching the President: How much trouble is Donald Trump in?”


IUS Prof. Dr. Joseph J. Kaminski and Prof. Dr. Kristian L. Nielsen held the lecture “Impeaching the President: How much trouble is Donald Trump in?” They discussed the impeachment process in historical perspective and the current political crisis in the US, as the House of Representatives is preparing to formally impeach president Trump.

Prof. Dr. Kristian L. Nielsen gave the retrospective of impeachments of US presidents. Trump will become the third US president to be impeached. Democrat Bill Clinton passed it in 1998 because he lied about having an affair with a White House intern, Monika Levinski, but was released by the Senate.

Democratic President Andrew Johnson was facing impeachment in 1868 but was not convicted in the Senate.

Republican President Richard Nixon resigned in 1974 before being recalled for the Watergate affair.

Prof. Dr. Joseph J. Kaminski focused on the current affair and gave his view of reasons, and possible outcomes of president Trump’s impeachment. He concluded with a prediction that President Trump will probably be impeached, but not removed from the office.

After the lecture, a lot of students and professors took part in the discussion and shared their views on this very hot topic.

The event was organized by the International Relations department at IUS.