IIIT European Summer School completed

European Summer School of International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) ended on Wednesday August 19, 2015. The Summer School titled Muslims in Europe: Challenges of Pluralism was held at the premises of the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) and certificates of attendance were given to all participants of the school. CNS Director Ahmet Alibašić and Vice Rector of the IUS Assist. Prof. Dr. Mirsad Karić  addressed the students and handed them certificates of participation. The official part of the summer school ended with talks and impressions of participants during a cocktail. 

The program was primarily designed for students of postgraduate and doctoral studies who wish to gain more information and become familiar with modern approaches in the fields of Islamic sciences, Humanities and Social sciences. Participants had the opportunity to listen to lectures by eminent professors of contemporary Islamic thought, and members of the academic community who are using a modern approach to treat Islam and Muslims in different places of the globe. The program brought together speakers such as Dr. Jonathan Brown, Dr. Jorgen S. Nielsen, Dr. Omar Hassan Kasulija, Dr. Fikret Karčic, Dr. Ziaudin Sardar, Dr. Ermin Sinanović, Dr. Tuba Boz, Dr. Yaqub Mirza, Dr. Younus Mirza, Dr. Jasser Aude, and Dr. Ahmet Alibašić. 24 participants from eleven countries of Europe -the UK, France, Germany, Russia, Sweden and the Balkan countries such as Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina attended this summer school program. 

During 80 hours of program, from 5-19. August, participants had the opportunity to present their research projects at the workshops and participate in discussions during the breaks between sessions, despite the presence of lectures or renowned experts in fields. Also, in addition to visits to monuments of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the participants visited the Srebrenica Genocide Memorial, tourist destinations in Herzegovina such as Mostar, Počitelj and Blagaj. Center for Advanced Studies in cooperation with the London Office of the International Institute of Islamic Thought and the European Institute of Epistemological Studies in Brussels and Fairfax Institute in the United States organized this summer school for the third time. International University of Sarajevo hosted this year’s European school as well as the previous two years.