“I am the Museum”

Upon the invitation from the organizer “Akcija za kulturu” that contributed to the culture with a project called ‘’I am the Museum’’, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lejla Panjeta also supported the project as a member of Film Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina joining ‘’duties’’ in the museum. On this occasion, Dr. Panjeta talked with a prominent Bosnian activist and journalist, Mrs. Aida Kalender, who organized this event. Association ‘’Akcija za kulturu’’ and its representative Miss. Kalender, has an aim to tackle with the problems that the Museum is facing right now. The museum has been closed since 2012. The project organizers received numerous recognitions and supportive letters from worldwide media and renowned museums. They strongly believe that this event will make the public and institutional bodies in Bosnia and Herzegovina do a lot more to solve this problem.