HORIZON2020: IUS at Trinity College Dublin

On May 27th 2016, International University of Sarajevo (IUS) signed an agreement with the European Commission (EC) to participate in a Horizon 2020 program project. The title of the project is Systemic Action for Gender Equality (SAGE) and its main objectives are:

• incorporating gender-sensitive practices, processes and procedures in scientific research

• developing balanced representation of both women and men in institutional decision-making

The project will be implemented with six other European universities as partners. The overall project coordinator is Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Horizon2020 is the most competitive program for educational institutions in European Union. The overall acceptance rate of this program is 14%. There are no country quotas and funding decisions are based on the quality of the projects solely.

So far institutions from Bosnia and Herzegovina have secured their participation in 12 projects within this program. This shows that we do have capacities within our country to be competitive in European Union. For IUS’s involvement in SAGE project, EC has pledged the highest financial contribution to a university in Bosnia and Herzegovina thus far. We are hoping that this example will encourage universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina to take greater involvement in Horizon2020 program.

Coordinator in Bosnia and Herzegovina is IUS lecturer, Assist. Prof. Dr. Jasminka Hasic Telalovic

The SAGE project starts in September 2016 and will be implemented over the next three years. IUS will work with the relevant representatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina (and the region) to fulfill project objectives and make them sustainable. The total amount of funding that EC pledged for this project is 2.276.853, 75 EUR.

Under the coordination of the Trinity Centre for Gender Equality and Leadership, the SAGE (Systemic Action for Gender Equality) project will devise and implement a series of transformational interventions to advance gender equality in seven European universities, and through this process to produce a proven model that can be implemented throughout the European research sector. After 36 months, through innovative and far-reaching measures, there will be lasting systemic change in how these institutions function.

SAGE partners are: Centre for Women in Science & Engineering Research (WiSER), Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, acting as coordinator; Università degli Studi di Brescia, Italy; Kadir Has University, Turkey; Instituto Universitário De Lisboa, Portugal; Sciences Po Bordeaux, France; International University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Queen’s University Belfast, UK, acting as evaluator.