High school Students from Bosnia and Herzegovina Complete One Month Internship in Poland Within Intervet Western Balkans Project

High school students from 7 BH cities have just returned from a Polish city Wrocław where they completed a 4-week internship in different companies. Internship for 11 high school students from our country was a completely new and unique experience. For some of them, the visit to Poland went beyond their expectations, while some of them did not do what they wanted. During their one-month stay in Poland, high school students from Bosnia had an opportunity to learn about Wrocław, a city by the Odra River, its rich history and culture, get together with high school students from other countries, make new friends, improve their communication in English and learn more about internationalization and mobility. In their own words, these were the first steps towards independence and entering the world of adulthood.

Danis Bradarić, a high school graduate from Maglaj, shared his impressions: “First of all, I would like to thank you for this wonderful month. During my stay in Wrocław I met a lot of good people with whom I hope I will stay in touch for a long time. I worked in an excellent company, with a great mentor and I didn’t experience any problems. I have even learned a lot. The trip was a bit longer, but it completely paid off. The trip organization itself and our guide were great. Also, MODE organization, which met and took care of us in Poland, did an outstanding job”.

Safet Gagić from Sarajevo: “For me, Poland was the necessary step towards independence. It was of course a wonderful and unforgettable experience and I really liked Poland. I would go again, if I got a chance. I was delighted with the job tasks I did. I met wonderful people and made connections that will serve me in the future. Also, I learned about my profession and understood what it means to be a vet and work with animals. The experience was great. I’d suggest everyone who is thinking about it to apply to this program”.

We would like to thank our colleagues from Mode and Uniser foundations, group manager Aida Kardić and we wish our high school students a lot of success in their future education.

IUS Life