Help for primary school pupils in Žepa continues

Continuing the efforts to help the Bosniak returnees to Eastern Bosnia, representatives of International University of Sarajevo – Rector Prof. Dr. Hilmi Unlu, and FENS professors dr. Haris Jašarević and dr. Emir Karamehmedović – visited on Saturday, March 12, 2011 small city of Žepa.

During this visit, six primary school students, who attend the school in Žepa, received their monthly scholarships financed by IUS professors Dr. Haris Jašarević, Dr. Emir Karamehmedović and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhamed Hadžiabdić, as well as by Mr. Asim Sarajlić, Mr. Sanin Hrbat and Mr. Erol Sarvan.

IUS Rector Prof. Dr. Hilmi Unlu cheered up the children in the school by handing them the donation of our University that consisted of gift bags, new blackboard and accompanying school materials.

Special furnace for school classroom and fuel was secured by following individuals from Bosnia and Herzegovina: Asim Sarajlic, Erol Sarvan, Jasmin Mahmuzic, Sanin Hrbat, Haris Jasarevic, Samir Hrbat, Mesud Hrbat, Edin Hrbat, Almedin Kadric, Lamila Simisic, Narcisa Hadzic, Alma Hudovic, Nerma Harbinja, Zlata Jelacic, Velid Draganovic, Lejla Hosic, Edin Jahic, Indira Muhic, Nurdan Kelesoglu, Emina Jeleskovic, Sabit Grabus, Suvad Selman and Rasit Koker, as well as friends from United States of America: Muamer Lihic, Nihad Halilovic, Edin Kulic, Elvir Dizdarevic, Meho Oklopcic, Arslo Rustempasic, Ilhan Trnovac, Sead Obic, Sulejman Dzananovic, Alen Suljic, Samir Karabegovic, Enes Karic, Suad Obic, Adem Dzuliman, Dzevad Dzelil, Emira Hadziahmetovic.

International University of Sarajevo expresses its satisfaction to see that working together can make difference in the lives of people in need. We also appreciate all future donations from IUS staff and students to children who returned to live in Eastern Bosnia.