The Harvard Human Rights Journal Published Research Paper of Professor dr. Goran Šimić

Assistant professor Goran Šimić made a research on the topic “ICTY and the Question of Justice”, that had been published in Harvard Human Rights Journal in December 2017. That highly respected journal has been established in 1988 by Harvard University (Harvard Law School) and it has brought analysis of many topics on the USA and international human rights.

This research paper focuses on the contribution of ICTY in justice achievement. It is a symbolic contribution of this author to the fact that this tribunal finished its work after more than two decades. Thus it was necessary to consolidate and relate its goals and efficacy through achieved results. After making a brief overview of purpose and importance of International Criminal Law, Author explained the importance of the establishment of ICTY and emphasized its most important individual achievements. Regarding the issue of justice, it has been stated that victims still feel dissatisfied because their perception of justice is different than the one that might be found in the courtrooms. Even though lots of things had been done in the field of ICL in the past two decades, there are still opened some theoretical questions such is the matter of individual responsibility for mass atrocities and need of having victim- oriented justice that International Criminal Law needs to answer. Finally, the Author stated that “criminal justice” is just a part of justice, and as such needs to be accompanied in post-conflict societies with other important social activities. All of them, together, will have a common goal of rebuilding the lives of victims and rebuilding societies torn apart with violent past.