Happening now at IUS: Second Juventus Camp has started

For the second time in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Juventus Camp for young football players was officially opened at the International University of Sarajevo on Monday, August 22, 2016. Camp organization is a result of successful cooperation of the IUS and Birr Group Company. The Birr Company has signed the contract and received a license of this respectable club for opening this school in ​​Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey.

Juventus Camp for young players will be a unique opportunity for children age 6 to 16 to train their favorite sport wearing the colors of the Italian champions, under the supervision of three Juventus Soccer School coaches and a number of trainers from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Trainings will be held twice a day, for 5 days at the stadium within the campus of IUS that is specially equipped for organizing high quality sport events. Professional staff of the football Camp will provide children with an unforgettable experience and lots of fun, which will significantly improve their football skills and athletic readiness, as well as teach them the methods of work of this famous Italian club. The Juventus Camp will train a total of 80 young football players from Bosnia and Herzegovina, region and other countries. Today, more than 30.000 children will have chance to be part of this kind of Football School.

On Sunday, August 21, 2016, meeting with parents was held at International University of Sarajevo. Focus of the meeting was introduction in the whole Juventus Camp mission; what would be part of the training program, how long it would be, etc. This Campus gives more than football. Players will have a chance to have fun, play video games, learn English, play table tennis. Sixth day of the Campus program will be closing ceremony, on Saturday 27, 2016.

Birr Group Team emphasizes following: “We hope that this Camp will be unforgettable experience for all of us. We are putting maximum of efforts to improve this project, to be better than the previous one, and of course, all of this, cannot be completed without youth, without young generations. We seek to give you friendship, and first of all, make from young people, good persons. And our motto is: We are making people on the first place, and then football players.

Sponsors of the Juventus School are: Turkish Airlines, Oaza Water, Radio Antena, International University of Sarajevo, SportSport.ba, Jeordie’s, Anadolu Agency, Red Cross Novo Sarajevo, Bosna Sunce Osiguranje, Fineline.