Hadžifejzović at IUS: I Believe This Country Will Be Better

On Tuesday, November 14, 2017, Student Parliament of the International University of Sarajevo (SPIUS) welcomed the most famous Bosnian-Herzegovinian journalist, TV host and editor Senad Hadžifejzović, whom students had a chance to openly ask questions about all the topics they were interested to talk about.

Students especially found interesting Hadžifejzović’s stories about his professional experience from the nineties and war times, but also about Face TV and his renowned show “Centralni dnevnik”.

“I would never work in politics”, he said once again, and added: “Journalism is my path, but I also have my own policy, the editorial policy whose name is Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

Among the other topics, Hadžifejzović also focused on students, to whom he emphasized that multiculturalism, broad horizons, as well as getting to know your identities key to the success. Also, he said to students that they must be the power which will take us to better future.

“I believe that this country will be better. You must stay here to work on that. This country is your inheritance. Do not run away from your multiple identities.” said Hadžifejzović.