Guest lecturer - Dr. Ahmed Adilović

On Monday, April 27, 2015, eminent professor Dr. Ahmed Adilović, mufti of Travnik gave a lecture at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) on "Prophet Muhammad’s s.a.w.s relation to young people ". Dr. Adilović works as professor of Tafsir and Arabic language at the Elči Ibrahim Pašina Madrasa in Travnik. This lecture aimed to encourage and positively influence young people, mostly students, in taking the most honorable man in history, Prophet s.a.w.s., as example in all aspects of their life.

Mufti Adilović emphasized during the lecture that the Prophet, who is sent as mercy to all worlds, had the best treatment towards all people, including the youth. He said that the Prophet should be the best role model for all those who wish to follow the right path and reach happiness in both worlds and mentioned few examples of Prophets behavior towards life difficulties and people. At the end of the lecture, students had the opportunity ask questions and talk about the role models in modern society as well.