Future of Bosnian Calligraphy, Emina Šabić

On Monday, November 28, 2016, exhibition of Calligraphy was held at IUS Art Gallery room.
The exhibition was about art of a young woman named Emina Šabić which is very talented and really successful in what she does.

The exhibition was opened by Kenan Šurković, who was born in Sarajevo, and studied Political Sciences on the University of Sarajevo. He is also the President of Association for promotion of the Islamic arts Monolit. Mr. Šurković introduced the audience about the history of the Islamic arts, mostly based on the Calligraphy.  

“This is my second time to open the Emina’s exhibition and it is my big pleasure. Why? Because, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are no youth ladies such as Emina, who are working those kind of arts. For this, you need a huge talent and big love connected with the arts, and Emina possesses all of it”, said Mr. Šurković.

Vice Rector, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Gürsel gave a speech and wish the Emina all the best in the future career.

“This institution is your institution. You are more than welcome at IUS, and be aware that IUS will always support young people who are talented and want to express their talent”, said Vice Rector, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Gürsel

Emina was born on 22nd November 1991 in Sarajevo. She finished her elementary education in Moštre, and enrolled to Persian-Bosnian College in Lješevo. Currently, she is a student of Economy at University of Sarajevo. She made her first steps in Germany, where she spent six and a half years, and due to her hand deformity had 13 operations. Her arms were under the certain angle, without forearm bones in left hand and without thumbs. She had surgeries in order to set right the arms and to enable better functioning. She discovered her inclination towards the arts when she was 3 years old. She found herself in colors, coloring books and papers, but this young artist had to leave her talent aside for education.

Emina has decided that calligraphy will be something she will be into her whole life, because it fulfills her, grows her and makes her happy.

“Thank all of you for your visit! This is my love, my inspiration, my talent. I can promise you that I will never stop, this is just the beginning, I will continue with my work and art expressions!” emotionally said Emina Šabić.

The exhibition has been visited by huge number of people and Media representatives.

The exhibition will last until December 5, 2016.