Foundation for Education Development General Assembly was held

On Thursday, May 24, 2018, Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo (SEDEF) held General Assembly in the Senate Room of the International University of Sarajevo. Founders of the Foundation attended the meeting, and President Hasan Topaloğlu made an opening speech. Mr. Topaloğlu informed audiences about the projects which are done. Furthermore, a presentation was given about participation of the foundation in the General assembly of the Foundation, where the estimated future investments were evaluated, and new projects and investments were decided with the alliance of founders of the Foundation.

The IUS Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yıldırım made an inclusive presentation, and he informed Foundation members about the current situation at IUS. The Congress was attended by Abdülkadir Taçyıldız, Hasan Topaloğlu, Adem Baştürk, Musa Şahin, Nurettin Alan, Armin Keric.Ahmet Kemal Baysak was the President of Council, and Şaban Erden the clerk member. The Principal of the Isa Beg Ishakovic Primary School Mrs. Nezira Popovac and The Principal of the Maarif High School Mrs. Mubera Halilovic made a presentation about the general situation of their schools which are also institutions of the Foundation.