Former IUS student Alija Bajramović at Ecole Polytechnique University in Paris

Travelling and participating in exchange programs are part of the challenging lifestyle and experiences, that, unfortunately, not many people let themselves into. Is it the fear of the unknown or just a will to stay in our comfort zones without taking any risks? Life is exactly about the opposite, taking risks and exploring all the wonders of the world.

Former IUS student, Alija Bajramović, is doing the exact thing. He is currently at one of the best school of engineering in France – Ecole Polytechnique University in Paris, majoring in Renewable Energy.

His traveling experiences began during his study at IUS when he spent one semester in Istanbul, Turkey. Alija was the first participant in the ERASMUS Exchange programme from IUS. It was exactly this exchange that opened the door to traveling and meeting new cultures and traditions. From this experience, he can now make a comparison between completely different lifestyles. He says that living in France makes it exotic as there are not many Bosnians and similarities with our culture. Alija points out that it was one more reason to come to France and experience something completely new while at the same time get top-quality education. He said: „I chose France because it seemed like a challenge that will contribute to my future the most. I love difficult challenges and here I have got them.“

Alija believes that studying outside of your country brings about some risks but they are incomparable in relation to the priceless knowledge and rich experiences you will gain. „I believed in myself and have accomplished everything I had in mind. Whoever wants to follow my example should know that we, students in Bosnia and Herzegovina, are not lacking behind and there is no room for underestimating ourselves."