First in series of lectures of Dr. Huseyin Kansu held at IUS

On Tuesday, August 30th 2016 in the IUS Senate room a lecture was held on the topic of failed military coup in Turkey. Distinguished guest Dr. Huseyin Kansu, a former member of the Turkish Parliament and President of Interparlamentary Commission between BiH and Turkey addressed numerous guests and friends of IUS with influential lecture. This was the first in the series of lectures based on this topic. Following lecture will be held tomorrow on August 31st 2016, in the IUS main amphitheater.

 Dr. Kansu pointed out that the coup attempt was one of many with the aim to destabilize Turkish Republic, which would result in the destabilization of the entire region. Coup attempt was the first step in the entire plan created in 90's with the main goal to attack Turkey's sovereignty and create turmoil as the begging of civil war in Turkey.

Dr. Huseyin Kansu is known as a great friend of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its people, and he proudly noted that his roots began in this country.