First Competition "IUS Kalem" Held at IUS

On April 13, 2019, International University of Sarajevo (IUS) organized “IUS Kalem”, a Turkish language competition for senior high school students from Bosnia and Herzegovina who have chosen to study Turkish in their schools as a second foreign language. The competition was organized by Faculty of Education of IUS in cooperation with Turkish Cultural Center "Yunus Emre" (YEE) in Sarajevo.

At the opening ceremony that started around 11 o'clock in the blue amphitheater, the guests were given a warm welcome by Dean of Faculty of Education Dr. Emine Yaman, who talked about the Turkish Language and Literature Teaching (TLT) study program and the launching of its BA program at the IUS this year. After the welcome, Dr. Mehmet Akif Yaman, Director of “Yunus Emre”, talked about the relevance of studying Turkish in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the center’s experience with BH schools where students study Turkish as a second foreign language, and the vast number of opportunities that the center gives to students who demonstrate success at studying Turkish as a second language. In the end of the opening ceremony, the university PR Manager Mirnes Baltić delivered a presentation about the university, and the competition participants were shown a video about the education at IUS. After the welcome ceremony students sat for the test and the competition started.

The students had the opportunity to test their Turkish skills and win prizes. For this competition, IUS had secured scholarships for all the participants: 60% scholarships were guaranteed for all participants, for studying BA program of Turkish Language and Literature Teaching. The prizes for the winners will be awarded as follows: for the first place in the competition IUS will award a 100% scholarship, for the second ranked student 90% scholarship, for the third place 85% scholarship, for the 4th to 7th place 80% scholarships, and for 8th to 11th place 70% scholarships. All the scholarships are awarded only for BA program of TLT.

The competition consisted of a pen and paper test that assessed students’ grammar and vocabulary, comprehension, writing, and other skills. During the break IUS also organized a reception with refreshments for the students and all the guests. The results of the competition will be published by 20 April 2019 at the web site