Film 'Time' by IUS student Faruk Garib at the Youth Film Festival

The 10th Youth Film Festival (OFF) will be held in Sarajevo from August 31 to September 4. A student of the fourth year at the Department of Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design (VACD) at the International University of Sarajevo Faruk Garib will present the short film "Time" to the audience. The film 'Time' will participate in the main competition selection, in the category of Art and experimental film, where together with five other films from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Iran, and Macedonia he will fight for the Ring of Festival in this category.

The film 'Time' tells its story about people and their struggle with the time that limits them in every aspect of life. People try to fool time, be faster or slower than time, but time is always 'on time'. Some new people are coming, some others are leaving and it's time ...

The film originated from the need to show human life as a limited period. We are rushing to work, we are hurrying to school, and we are hurrying to grow up, and never stop and enjoy ordinary things around us. In the end, we are hurrying and die.

Director, script, camera, and editing are signed by Faruk Garib, while the film's director is an awarded young director Malik Kurt.

Faruk Garib is a fourth-year student at the Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design Department (VACD), at International University. He participated in the realization of numerous projects in the field of film and graphic design. He worked as director of photography and producer on Flappy Attack films (2014) and Gold Digger (2015) directed by Malik Kurt. In 2014, Flappy Attack won the special jury award at the 20th Sarajevo Film Festival within the Teen Action program.

The films on which our student has worked were broadcasted at festivals all over the world, in New York, Greensboro, Doha, and Sarajevo ...

These days, Faruk works on the post production of the new film “Vision”, which should be presented to the audience at the end of the year.