Fifth Certificate Award Ceremony "My Internship" Held at IUS

On Monday, 25th of April, 2016, 5th „My Internship“ award ceremony was held at IUS as part of the Partnership for Innovation project funded by USAID.

The Program is organized semesterly and gives the opportunity to students to work on real projects under the mentorship of engineers from local IT-Communication sector companies. The aim of the Program was the improvement of practical skills and gaining experience in applying advanced technologies. This was great opportunity for young people to be better prepared for entering the labor market. More than 27% of participants of the program in Sarajevo got a job immediately after completion of their cycle.

In total, 51 students finished the fifth cycle of internships, of six planned. The participants had a three-month internship at the International University of Sarajevo and 12 local companies from the IT sector.

„The International University of Sarajevo will continue to support these and similar projects and activities that are aimed at linking the educational sector and industry, but also reducing the high unemployment rate in Bosnia and Herzegovina“, said Prof. Dr. Yücel Oğurlu.

"I am grateful to companies and faculties that have recognized the value of this program with the hope that its continuous implementation will help opening new jobs in the Sarajevo region," said Mr. Peter Duffy, Director of the USAID Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sabina Muminović, participant of the program „My Internship“, said that it was a great experience: „The Program 'My Internship' was a great way how to get the desired job. After completion of the lectures of representatives of participating companies in 'My Internship' program, I got the opportunity to do practical training in 'East Codes and Tours-in'. 'My internship' is a successful step in the beginning of my career.“

Apart from the International University of Sarajevo, other companies and academic institutions participated in this program: Ping, Comtrade, Green River Media, AtlantBH, King ICT, Imtec, Olivebh, Raiffeisen Bank, Unis TOK, Bosna Bank International, East Codes & Tours, 2andThree as well as Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Transport and Communications,  Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Sarajevo School of Science and Technology.