Field trip to Canton Sarajevo Therapeutic Community Kampus in Rakovica

As a part of the regular practical work, International University of Sarajevo students that attend Psychotherapy class are required to have a field trip to visit one of the substance abuse therapy centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. So on Friday, May 20, 2011, IUS students led by their professors, visited public institution Canton Sarajevo Therapeutic Community Kampus in Rakovica, around 15 kilometers from Sarajevo. There, students and their professors were greeted by the friendly and energetic staff, Mr. Sahim Kahrimanovic, chief for the services, professional therapy works and scientific research, and Miss Nejra Zejnullahu, psychologist at the centre.

During their visit, students had an opportunity to see accommodation facilities at the Community Kampus, as well as therapy treatment facilities and programs that include occupational therapy, art therapy, music therapy, and that are offered by professionals such as cognitive behavioral therapist, psychologist, social workers and sociologists.

The visit presented a great opportunity for IUS students not only because of its practical side but also because Community Kampus is willing to accept IUS students to do their internship there.