FENS Vice Dean visits University of Illinois and promotes IUS

During the month of March, Vice Dean of IUS Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Dr. Haris Jasarevic visited University of Illinois at Chicago (USA), where he met with the UIC Civil and Materials Engineering Department Head and President of International Society for Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure ISHMII (www.ishmii.org), Professor Farhad Ansari.

Dr. Jasarevic introduced Dr. Ansari with FENS long-term goals of becoming one of the Europe's leading engineering research and higher education institution, which will be achieved with young and dynamical team of professors who earned their PhD at renowned Universities in USA and Europe. Also, the possibility of organizing an engineering conference that would be attended by leading individuals in this area of science was discussed.

During his visit Dr. Jasarevic agreed on two publication (international journal article and conference paper) to be delivered this year in collaboration with UIC Distinguished Professor Alexander Chudnovsky, who has several hundred publications in international journals and conferences, and UIC CME Professor Mohsen Issa, who is member of various ACI and PCI committees and one of the leading American researchers in the field of concrete structures. The publication will deal with simulation of crack trajectories in brittle materials using statistical fracture mechanics approach and will be compared to experimental results obtained on testing performed on sandstone disc specimens (Jasarevic and Chudnovsky 2009) and concrete specimens (Issa and Chudnovsky 2001).

International University of Sarajevo is proud to announce that IUS FENS PhD Candidate Mrs. Sedina Gagula will get a chance to perform computer simulation in this project and become part of the publication team.