FENS Students of Both Genders Completed CNC Training

On Thursday, May 9, 2019, certificates were awarded to students of the IUS Faculty of Natural and Sciences and Engineering, who completed 50-hour training on CNC machines.

Certificates were awarded by Dr. Muhamed Hadžiabdić, coordinator of the Mechanical Engineering study program, who congratulated the students and pointed out the importance of practical training in all professions, especially for future engineers.

We would like to emphasize that this training was attended by three female students who, by setting an example, wish to popularize this training among women.

Amina Krdžalić told us: "I find it extremely important that each person aspires to progress in what he/she enjoys and has interest for. We live in a society where certain professions are attributed only to men or to women, even though there is nothing that truly makes them such. For example, there is the case of engineering and the use of CNC machines that girls and women can use very well to demonstrate their creativity and discover new opportunities. Everyone has a certain amount of knowledge and skills that can contribute to specific fields if they devote themselves to it, and give their best. That's why I enrolled in the CNC course, where I found a huge potential to convert creative sketches into tangible objects, primarily jewelry making, but also many other items. I believe that the acquired knowledge in this course will help me in my future call as an industrial engineer, because today a large number of companies from the two most developed industries in BiH, the wood and metal industries, use CNC machines in usual production. During the application for the position we will all more or less have diplomas with similar completed courses, but the thing that will sets us apart from others is how much time we allocated, in addition to our courses and studying requirements, for the additional training, courses and similar education that strengthen our knowledge in certain fields. That is what gives us an opportunity to acquire practical knowledge, which, unfortunately, is largely ignored in formal education. Therefore, I recommend that students from the earliest days of the college invest in their education in order to be more competitive and do a job which they like, not which they have to. "

Amina's peer Ajla Hećimović also wants to invite girls to take the CNC training, and she shared her impressions with us: "First of all, I would like to emphasize that I am very satisfied with the experience I have gained in this course. The instructors of this training are very skilled in their work, ready to help and explain all the ambiguities with a great deal of respect and patience. Also, when I attended this course, I realized that I did not learn at the university a lot of things that I needed for my profession. I am motivated to learn about this field every day by observing the pace the industry develops. I want to keep up with it, and develop myself into an individual who will be part of this development tomorrow. I think that this kind of education gets me better acquainted with my profession, and that I am gaining skills that I need to get started in any field of industry related to CNC machines. I advise all my fellow students who wish to gain experience and knowledge to take this step. I am positively surprised, and I believe that they will be, too. "

IUS LIFE congratulates all hardworking students as well as the instructor Adnan Škulj, and thanks students for their trust.