Feel the Pain lecture held at IUS

On Wednesday, 30th of March, 2016 at the IUS main amphitheater Palestinian C. C. organized the lecture Feel the Pain. The main goal of this event was to show the pain that many people in Africa go through almost every day.

Also, the speakers Assist. Prof. Dr. Selim Argun from Istanbul University and Izzet Sahin from IHH Foundation emphasized some of the problems and challenges in the islamic world today.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Selim Argun talked about external impacts on muslims that cause loosing self-confidence, especially in 19th century. Investment in knowledge is also one of the most important aspects that muslims have to realize which Prof. Dr. Selim Argun emphasized. Izzet Sahin from IHH Foundation talked about challenges in muslim world from different perspectives mentioning wrong understanding of Islam that cause wars in many countries.

Organizers prepared video that showed pain and challenges in Africa every day, but also cultural diversity and heritage.