FBA Advisory Board to Include Members from Industry, Academia, Government and NGOs

The Faculty of Business and Administration (FBA) Advisory Board – which is composed of representatives from leading companies, governmental and non-governmental institutions, and sister universities – met for the first time on Feb. 9, 2018, at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS).

The meeting was opened with the warm welcome of the host, Dean of Faculty of Business and Administration Dr. Sencer Yeralan, and Vice-Rector Dr. Mirsad Karić on behalf of the IUS management. The meeting continued with the brief presentation of the IUS, the presentation of the FBA, presentations of IUS International Relations Office, IUS Project Management Office and LLL Center IUS Life.

For the purpose of critical examining the Faculty’s curricula and practices and offering advice, Faculty of Business and Administration (FBA) founded aforementioned FBA Advisory Board. Such boards are customary in academia, providing guidance and advice to align educational and academic efforts with the needs of the companies and the community.

The role of the Advisory board is not only to guarantee that the curricula are up to date, but also to provide feedback on our program objectives. Companies and institutions may benefit from involvement in the board as well, by having access to the best graduates and to keep up with university research. Often, where the university and company or institution interests overlap, joint projects are pursued.

Board membership is an honorary task, conducted on a purely voluntary basis.

FBA and IUS would like to use this opportunity to thank their distinguished board members for their involvement: Edin Ćerić from BBI Real Estate, Alija Aljović from Federal Ministry of Finance, Ivan Dragosan from Symphony, Nedžib Delić from Public Administration Reform Coordinator Office, BiH Parliament Member Nevenka Savić, AGH University of Science and Technology professor Barbara Tora, Marcin Lubas from Institute of Sociology of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Aldin Camović from Micom, Armin Talić from Bit Alliance, Omar Krivosija from Microsoft, Tarik Alijagić from Ernst & Young, Christos Michalakelis, Effi Staiou and Karine Manerfelt.