Fantastic success of B&H researchers on the ROADEF/EURO 2012 Challenge

At the 25th European Conference on Operational Research (ROADEF / EURO 2012) held from 8th to 11th July, 2012 in Vilnius (Lithuania), Assoc. Professor Dr Haris Gavranović, from the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences at IUS, together with MSc Mirsad Buljubasic, from the University of Sarajevo won two EURO/ROADEF/GOOGLE awards in categories : Senior (absolute category) and Open source.

These awards have a special importance because participants in this competition are the most recognized world experts in the scientific field of Operational Research.

The algorithm designed by the Bosnian team has shown best results in the competition among 83 teams registered at this prestigious competition, from more than 33 countries in the world.

Bosnian Researchers received the award in the amount of 15.000 Euros on the final ceremony of EURO 2012 Challenge held in the Lithuanian Opera, in the presence of approximately 2.000 researchers.

Thanks to the success in the previous seven challenges ROADEF'99, ROADEF'2001, ROADEF'2003, ROADEF'2005, ROADEF'2007, ROADEF'2009 and ROADEF'2010, the French Operational Research (OR) and Decision Support Society (ROADEF) organizes jointly with the European Operational Research Society (EURO) and Company Google, the Challenge ROADEF/EURO 2012 dedicated to a machine reassignment problem as well as improving the capacity of utilization of a machine.

The objective of this Challenge is a multiple. First of all, it allows industrial producers to better understand the latest developments in the field of Operational Research, and on the other hand, it allows young researchers the opportunity to deal with complex problems, demands and challenges that they often find in the industrial environment.

Also, this Challenge contributes to establishment of a permanent partnership between industry and researchers in the future large industrial projects that require both high scientific competence and ability, and knowledge of business realities, trends and needs of the industrial sector in the modern world.

Participation in this Challenge allows experienced researchers to present and demonstrate to the public in the best and transparent way their scientific achievements and innovations. The final goal of every researcher is to apply their knowledge and experience in the practice, which ultimately means - the establishment of closer partnerships between the industry and the science.

Competition ROADEF / EURO 2012 is open to all, especially to young researchers, and it doesn't include people who are professionally employed and have direct relations with industrial partners.

The remarkable success of B&H researchers confirms once again that knowledge, work, ambition and desire for success are inevitably recognized, and that every effort for scientific purposes finally gets its social recognition.

Once again, researchers from the International University of Sarajevo and the University of Sarajevo occupied a special place in the field of scientific research, both in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the world.

Dr. Haris Gavranovic won the same prize in the junior category at the Challenge held in Canada in 2001.